1. It is okay to wash laundry in cold water

2. Put water in the tub until full

3. Put underwear into the water to soak

4. Rest the soap bar at the top of the board

5. Rub underwear (garment), over soap and then rub item vigorously on the metal (glass) rub surface

6. Repeat step 5 until item is clean

7. Put shirts in water and use step 4 to clean

8. Wash pants the same way

9. Last item to wash would be your socks. Allow them to soak and then use step 5 many times.

10. Do not discard water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes; it will feel sooo good!

11. Dry your feet; apply foot powder, clean socks and boots

12. Discard dirty water, refill bucket and rinse until no soap remains

13. Wring out clothing items and pin on clothesline to dry


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