1.   Do I have to replace my wax motor?

      A: If you have the original wax motor with the brown actuator pin, YES, you must replace it a.s.a.p. because it will eventually fail and wipe out your upper control board. See my “Neptune Disassembly Pics” page to inspect your wax motor.


2.   R43 in burnt on my upper control board… What should I do?

     A: I have had success with replacing R43. When you order a wax motor, request a replacement R43 resistor and I will include one with your wax motor at no charge.


3.   What does Q6 do?

     A: Q6 is a triac, which has three leads. A triac is a “solid state” or electronic switch that is controlled by a low voltage signal. It passes the 120 volts to the wax motor when the Neptune goes into spin cycle. The Neptune’s microprocessor drives the triac control pin (center lead) to turn it on and off.  You probably have triacs in a few electrical devices in your home… One very common application for triacs is light dimmers.


4.    After I replace my wax motor will I have this failure again?

     A:  No. The R11 Q6 failure was caused by the original defective wax motor. I am not aware of the new design wax motor failing in the field.


5.    How long does the wax motor take to actuate?

    A: The wax motor takes around 45 seconds to extend out and lock the door.


6.    Do I have to change Q6 even if it looks “OK”?

    A: Yes! If R11 is burnt, you will need to replace Q6 or R11 will burn again when you power up Neptune after repair.


7.    After I replaced Q6, R11 and wax motor my door locked light does come on now but Neptune still does not spin.  Any ideas?

    A.  Usually in this case you have a mechanical issue with the wax motor / door latch assembly. The wax motor has to travel to the right about 1/4 “ to push the spin enable switch. Some folks have removed the Z spring clip and ‘stretched’ it back out and reinstalled it. If the wax motor is not all the way to the right it will not reach far enough to fully push the spin enable switch.


8.    My Neptune shuts down in the rinse cycles. Is this caused by the R11 and Q6 burnout?

     A. No, this is usually caused by a clogged cold water inlet screen. Turn off the water supply, remove the hoses and look into the water inlets on the back of machine. The cold water supplies the rinse cycle and if it takes too long to fill the Neptune will shut down.


9.    Why does my Neptune sounds like an airplane taking off during the high speed spin?

     A: Your tub bearings are probably failing. Please email me for information on how to repair this yourself for about $79 and save $650.


10.   Why does my Neptune shut down a few seconds after I start it?

     A: This usually indicates that the motor control board has failed. It is located near the floor on the right side. You can inspect the board for burnt components or a blown fuse. The fuse is soldered to the board and more than likely will blow again if replaced. You need the Neptune motor conversion kit. Please see “Order Form” to order the 12002039 conversion kit.


11.    How do I get rid of the musty smell in my Neptune?

     A: I get this question quite a bit… See “Front Loader Products” for a new washer cleaning system to help make your machine smell fresh again.


12.    What is your question?


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