1. Remove AC power

2. Remove dispenser lid bezel with #2 philips screwdriver

3. Remove 4 screws with #2 philips screwdriver to remove door

4. Remove door

5. Neptune with bezel and door off

6. Pull front panel

7. Pull front panel down and disconnect from washer base via two tabs

8. Neptune with front panel removed

9. Loosen the 5/16 screws to remove the top panel hold down brackets on each side of Neptune

10. Prop the top panel up to expose the door latch assembly and wax motor

11. A close look at the door latch assembly wax motor is the brownish device with the black actuator pin on the left side

12. Open control panel by removing (3) #2 Philips screws along the top edge. Pull the top of the console towards you while pushing the bottom of the console away from you to unhook the console from the top panel

13. View of  the upper control board. Remove circuit board and perform surgery on R11 and Q6

14. Closer view of the upper control board

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